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Public entrance to the Sezione Corte

Organisational Structure


Director: Maria Barbara Bertini
Curriculum vitae et studiorum (pdf)
Coordinator of Sezione Corte: Federica Paglieri
Coordinator of Sezioni Riunite: Maria Paola Niccoli
Director’s office: Nella D’Elia


Reading Rooms
Head of Sezione Corte: Federica Paglieri
Head of Sezioni Riunite: Maria Paola Niccoli, Cecilia Laurora and Abbondanza Nicolazzo


School of Archival Science, Palaeography and Diplomacy
Director: Maria Barbara Bertini
Internal teaching staff: Marco Carassi, Edoardo Garis, Maria Gattullo and Cecilia Laurora
Administrative office: Anna Maria Lucania


Offices and services
Computerised management of documents, workflow management and archives: manager: Fabrizio Cardurani; Flavia Scarfida (focal point) and M. Benedetta Radicati
New acquisitions: Federica Paglieri
Archival services:
Piazza Castello premises: Maria Gattullo
Via Piave premises: Maria Paola Niccoli
Cultural activities of the Institute and communications (culture week, heritage days, etc.): Maria Gattullo and Carla Marchisio
Website: Edoardo Garis
Computerised services and databanks: Edoardo Garis
Photographic and digital reproductions archive: Gianpiero Viviano
Supervisory commissions: Administrative office Caterina Bullara
Administrative Manager: Rosario Sinatra
Accounts and Burser’s Office: Clara Fioratti, Elvira Biletta and Fabrizio Cardurani
HR Office: Nella D’Elia
Photo-reproduction laboratory
Via Piave 21 premises – manager: Paola Briante
Restoration laboratory
Via Piave, 21 premises – manager: Cecilia Laurora


Sezione Corte: Gianpiero Viviano
Sezioni Riunite: Abbondanza Nicolazzo


Educational Section
Sezione Corte: Edoardo Garis
Sezioni Riunite: Luisita Tolfa

External exhibitions: Maria Gattullo for external loans
Internal exhibitions: Maria Gattullo and M.Paola Niccoli
Administrative coordination and granting of space and outfits: Carla Marchisio


Relations with Public:
for any requirements of the public using the reading rooms: Federica Paglieri and Maria Paola Niccoli
for administrative procedures: Nella D’Elia and Clara Fioratti

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