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The Reading Room


The public can consult the documentation in the Reading Rooms in the premises of the Sezione Corte in Piazza Castello 209 and the Sezioni Riunite in Via Piave 21.
Access to the Reading Room is free to all (art. 103 Leg. Decree 42/04).


Anyone wishing to consult the documents must register with the Archivio di Stato for the current year. The user can register directly at the Archives or can streamline the procedure by completing the online form (the personal data contained here will be used exclusively for statistical purposes, under Leg. Decree 196/03, Privacy Code).
After completing the form online, the user must however go to the Archives, taking the identity document mentioned in the application, to perfect and activate the registration. At this point, he is authorised to consult the documentation.


Research can be undertaken by exploring the hierarchical structure of the fonds, and consulting the inventories: this activity can also be undertaken through the Internet site. For further information regarding use of the database, we refer you to the page Research Guide».
At the Reading Rooms, visitors can consult books and non-analytical consultation tools, such as thematic guides, registers, lists of donations, and topographic inventories that are a precious support to any research.
At the archives, visitors can avail themselves of the support and assistance of the archivists, who are on hand to guide and orient research inside the archives.
Documents may be reserved online, organising a visit to the Archives in advance, or using the stations at the public’s disposal in the Reading Room.
Every user can request five bundles per day. In exceptional cases, the manager in charge of the Reading Room can authorise the extension of the user’s request.
The Archivio di Stato di Torino guarantees that material may be collected every hour between 9 am and 12 noon.
It is forbidden to take bags or other containers into the Reading Room. All personal items must be placed in the closed lockers provided at the entrance.
It is forbidden to introduce drinks, food or any other material that could damage the documents.
The Reading Room in the Piazza Castello premises has 84 seats, 75% of which are fitted with electric sockets for laptops; the Reading Room in the via Piave premises, has 55 seats, all fitted with electric sockets.

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Principi e regole che descrivono il rapporto tra le amministrazioni e i cittadini.
Scarica il PDF [1,5 MB]


Norme e condizioni di accesso alla sala studio dell'Archivio di Stato di Torino.
Scarica il PDF [0,8 MB]


Modulo per la richiesta di riproduzione dei documenti archivistici.
Scarica il PDF [0,9 MB]


Riproduzioni digitali. Tariffe in vigore a partire dal 25 ottobre 2005
Scarica il PDF [1,2 MB]


Guida realizzata dai tecnici del Laboratorio di Restauro dell'Archivio di Stato di Torino.
Scarica il PDF [4MB]

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