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How to search our records in the archive database

There are various ways to search the records preserved in the Archivio di Stato di Torino:


Search the collections (Ricerca nei fondi)»

This allows readers to search by word (or by specific sequence of characters) and by date.
In the case of a search by date (a specific year) the value must be repeated in the fields “year (start)” and “year (end)”.
The information provided is based on data as they appear in the descriptive files of the individual collections.

The results of the search are presented in a form that makes it possible to position the element in the hierarchical structure of the archives. By clicking on the result he is interested in, the reader can access the related fact file. At this point, it is necessary to click on the interactive link of the itinerary to start navigation.


This allows readers to search by word (or specific sequence of characters) in the index files of the inventories whose data are recorded in the databases. The inventories that can be interrogated are identified in the alphabetical list by the Inventario navigabile  icon.


This allows readers to search by word, interrogating the information that is present in all the descriptive files of the archives and the inventories in the database.


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